About Us


Demanding of telecommunication infrastructure for delivering voice and data in parallel
with awareness of reliable telecommunication system to achieve pioneer in today critical
business issues, PT. Jaring Telekomunikasi Indonesia with objective as leading
supplier of wireline and wireless product and services in Indonesia, continue to fulfill the
requirement in order to provide complete solution to its customer. PT. Jaring
Telekomunikasi Indonesia assumes the function as the infrastructure solution
provider. To secure our mission, the company have acquired the distributorship from/
with/ partnership :

  • IERU(Flexible Multiplexer)
  • Aastra (small to large capacity PABX System)
  • SIAE Digital Microwave Radio
  • Honeywell CCTV
  • PANASONIC (Digital PABX, NS300, NS1000)

For the past 16 years, PT. JARING TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA (PT JARING) has been dynamically present in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Our target customers comprise of Companies from Small to medium sized firms to large
national or multinational organizations with global enterprise network as well as
Telecommunication Provider from CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) to ILEC
(Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier). We help valuable customer to achieve the greatest value productivity and reliability by providing superior, cost effective, and scale-able solution.

By investing in its human resources with the continuous training and certifications from established manufacturers, in conjunction with an impressive track record of success in the field, PT JARING can guarantee efficient provision of services at an exceptionally high standard.


To be a leading independent supplier of complete telecommunication and networking
solution and provide all the element for data and voice networks, from narrowband to
broadband with a full range of services, including system design, integration and
providing a regular training to the customer.
One of our missions is to provide the continuity of our customer business operation by
providing a reliable product and solution. We are really concerned with our customer’s
network reliability, as one most critical issues in business operations.

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